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Local Real Estate Market Invigorated by Jobs @ Intel in Chandler

The high-tech industry has long been an anchor of the Chandler economy, and ultimately it's been a driving force in the Chandler real estate market. However, recent news that more than 3,000 jobs @ Intel in Chandler will be created has industry professionals, real estate experts and local residents buzzing with excitement. 

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, Intel announced in February that it will be investing more than $7 billion in an advanced semiconductor facility, which will be located in Chandler. The factory, which will be created in the next 3-4 years, will bring with it 3,000 high-tech and high-paying jobs, which is sure to fuel further economic growth and improve the value of Chandler homes for sale. 

What You Need to Know About the Jobs @ Intel in Chandler

  • The construction of the semiconductor facility will bring with it 3,000 jobs @ Intel in Chandler, but the business investment in the community is expected to create 10,000 long-term jobs in the state of Arizona. These jobs will likely be created as a result of business partnerships and ventures that will take place with the semiconductor factory. 
  • Many of the job titles and positions at Intel are high-paying positions that are ideal for experienced professionals, according to information from Some job positions that are available now at Intel include: electrical, mechanical and material packaging engineers as well as analog engineers. The salaries for these positions range from $75,000-$148,000 annually.
  • Intel has played a powerful role in the Chandler economy for nearly 40 years. It has been conducting business in Chandler since 1980, and is one of the largest employers in Chandler. 
  • Intel is committed to continuing to help grow the local economy in Chandler, as is evidenced by its investments in the community. The company spends more than $500 million annually on research and development in Chandler.

How Will This Impact the Chandler Real Estate Market? 

Anytime the economy is thriving, the Chandler real estate market is positively impacted. However, news such as the Intel announcement play an even larger role in revitalizing the market and increasing the confidence of both home sellers and buyers. For several years, the Chandler market has been considered a hot market — the Chandler homes for sale are barely on the market for days before they are purchased by qualified buyers. The continued influx of new, high-paying positions in Chandler will only serve to fuel the interest in this desirable market. 


Currently, the median sales price of Chandler homes for sale is $265,000. As new luxury developments are created and new residents seek to move to Chandler, the sales price and value of homes in the community will continue to rise. There likely will be an increase in sellers who want to list their homes in order to upgrade to larger, more luxurious properties in exclusive gated communities. As the values of existing homes rise, the possibility of purchasing that dream home in Chandler increases significantly. 

Economic investment in the community also will drive further retail and recreational development in the community, which will entice a diverse range of people to consider looking in Chandler for their next house. It's already a great time to get into the Chandler real estate market, but this news is going to make it an even better opportunity for many people.

Partner with an Experienced, Local Chandler Realtor

No matter when you decide sell or purchase one of the incredible Chandler homes for sale, you will want to make sure that you partner with a qualified Chandler Realtor. Especially during boom times, there are far too many inexperienced agents trying to make a quick sale in a hot market. By doing your research and working with a dependable Chandler Realtor with an excellent reputation in the community, you will be able to discover the most amazing properties in Chandler while also getting the best deal possible on your new home. 

The key to finding the right agent is to search for the professional who truly knows the community. Cathy Carter, for example, has spent the last two decades working in the Chandler real estate market. She has a network of connections within the real estate industry, finance industry, business community and development industry, and she will provide you with the resources you need during your real estate journey. Not only does she have the key to your next home, but she will also unlock the full potential of the Chandler community for you.

While this invigorating announcement is sure to continue to generate excitement in the local business community and real estate market, it also brings attention to the fact that Chandler is already a wonderful place to call home. To find out more about the current conditions of the Chandler real estate market and to see the luxury Chandler homes for sale, be sure to contact Cathy Carter today. She is the Chandler Realtor who you can trust to provide you with accurate information and local insight. Not only is she your best resource for real estate information, but she's also a neighbor and a friend. Call now to set up an appointment with Cathy Carter.

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