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If you have recently done a search for the Gilbert homes for sale near me, then you might also want to look for the Best Realtor in Gilbert near me. A search for Gilbert real estate near me will reveal a competitive real estate market with low inventory levels and rising home prices. If you want to find a home with golf near me and award-winning Gilbert schools, then it's important to hire an experienced real estate agent who knows the local market better than anyone else. Cathy Carter is the top real estate agent in Gilbert, and she will help you find success in this competitive market.

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About Real Estate in Gilbert

For decades, growth has defined the community of Gilbert. This is a town that transformed from a rural, agricultural community into an affluent, flourishing suburb with every possible amenity available. The physical growth as well as population expansion has led to a thriving real estate market. Month after month, the market continues to reach new heights. 

Currently, the Gilbert real estate market is hot, and it's getting hotter by the moment. The slow days of winter are waning, and the market is gearing up for yet another competitive spring and summer selling season. The average property value in Gilbert is about $358,000. In the last year, property values have increased by more than 6 percent, and real estate experts predict that values will continue to increase by at least 4.4 percent. The remarkable thing about the Gilbert real estate market is that it frequently exceeds the expectations of these industry insiders.

There are just more than 160 homes listed for sale on the market in Gilbert. Many of these homes will be sold within a matter of moments, as low inventory levels are driving up both demand and prices for the properties in this community. In a competitive market like Gilbert, it's important to do a search for the best realtor in Gilbert near me. The search results will quickly reveal that Cathy Carter is the only real estate agent who knows how to cut through the rest of the competition in Gilbert.

How to Find the Best Homes for Sale in Gilbert

Each individual home buyer will have a different description for their dream home. While some are going to be searching for properties with golf near me, others are going to be focusing on the Gilbert schools during their home search. Ultimately, you need to search for the best Realtor in Gilbert near me to find the right home for you in this community. 

Here's what you need to look for when you are searching online for a real estate agent in Gilbert:

  • A website that outlines the agent's experience — The best real estate agent will provide valuable information about the community itself as well as the homes for sale in that community. In addition, the website will offer information about the agent's professional experience in that community.
  • Online reviews that provide positive feedback about the agent — A qualified real estate agent will have plenty of online reviews that provide social proof of their commitment to their clients. 
  • Social profiles that prove the agent knows how to interact and engage with the community — A real estate agent that is active on the most powerful social networking platforms will understand the importance of leveraging technology to provide buyers with the results they crave. Through social media, an agent can uncover potential new listings and can work to connect buyers with possible homes for sale.

A quick search of the best Realtor in Gilbert near me will reveal that Cathy Carter is the right real estate agent for you. Cathy Carter has been serving the Gilbert community for more than two decades. She has developed an extensive professional network within the community that allows her to have access to the most recent and accurate information about the market.

Why You Should Live in Gilbert

One of the reasons why the real estate market in Gilbert is perpetually strong is because this community provides its residents with a unique opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life. These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider living in Gilbert:

  • Gilbert never lost its small-town charm. It may no longer be the farming community that it was in the middle of the 20th century, but it is still a place where neighbors greet one another with a smile and wave. You will often find Gilbert residents hanging out in the historic downtown area.
  • Gilbert offers its residents resort-style amenities, such as championship golf courses. Given the fact that the sun is almost always shining in Gilbert, golf aficionados often find that every day is the perfect day for a round of 18 holes. 
  • Gilbert features an award-winning public school district, which has attracted families of all shapes and sizes to this community. Families with young children appreciate the fact that Gilbert cares about providing the next generation with a valuable education, and property owners without children enjoy the fact that the school district helps boost their property values.
  • Gilbert has a plethora of housing options. From historic homes with plenty of land to luxury estates situated in gated communities, there are houses for every type of buyer in this dynamic market. 

It's possible to do an online search for Gilbert homes for sale near me and learn more about the current listings on the market. However, it's important to remember that most of this information is outdated, particularly in a competitive market like Gilbert. Avoid doing a search for Gilbert real estate near me on your own. Instead, get the most updated information about the hot Gilbert real estate market directly from Cathy Carter. Contact Cathy Carter today to find out how she can help you get the keys to the perfect home in Gilbert for you and your family.


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