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For families who make the move to Mesa, excellent schools are one of the many benefits of the community. Mesa public schools have earned national recognition for the quality of their programming, as well as the variety offered to students. In addition to traditional public schools, children can pursue alternative education through charter programs and parochial schools as well. This high level of school choice draws many parents to look for real estate in Mesa.

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Schools in Mesa AZ Are in the State's Largest District

With 69,000 students, the Mesa Unified School District #4, which serves most of Mesa, is the largest district in the state. It boasts 57 elementary schools, 11 middle or junior high schools, 6 high schools and a number of magnet and charter alternative schooling options. The district has earned national recognition for its quality educational programming. It has also seen students receive recognition for their achievement in a wide range of fields, including the arts, sports, academics and career training programs.

With a large district comes a large number of opportunities for students. From academics to sports and other extra-curricular, the schools in Mesa Unified School District offer students excellent opportunities to pursue their interests and passions.

Varied Programs Ensure the Right Education for Your Students

Mesa public schools offer their students and parents choices to help tailor the education to each student's needs. Does your child learn best in a hands-on, non-traditional way? Consider a Montessori program, which is available through grade six. For students who would thrive in a small school environment, the Superstition High School or Crossroads campuses would be ideal. Those high school students who are trying to work or are working on college coursework while also earning their high school diploma will find the flexible schedules at East Valley Academy appealing.

These are just a handful of examples of the types of alternative schooling options available in the district. Mesa also offers a distance learning program and specific schools for gifted and special needs students and provides a supportive environment for homeschooling parents who wish to take advantage of district services and offerings.

In addition to the alternate schools available to students and their families, each of the schools in Mesa AZ has a number of extra-curricular activities that allow students to pursue their interests. Whether a student is interested in the creative arts, wants to learn how to perform in front of others, wishes to participate in an International Baccalaureate program or wants to delve into a STEM subject more deeply, clubs and other programs are available to make that possible.

One of the ways in which schools in Mesa AZ ensure that their students are able to enjoy all of these offerings to the fullest is through open enrollment options. If a parent is interested in a school outside of the family's attendance area, the family can submit an open enrollment request to try to transfer to the preferred campus.

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