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When home buyers do a quick online search of "real estate agents near me," they will be greeted with a variety of search results for a multitude of top-rated real estate agents in Chandler - Gilbert. Finding the best Realtors near me might seem easy, but it's important that you critically evaluate all the agents that you are considering. There is only one agent who knows the most about real estate in Gilbert and the Chandler real estate market. Cathy Carter is truly the best real estate agent near you.


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About Real Estate in Chandler and Gilbert

Both the Gilbert and Chandler real estate market are rife with opportunity. While each community offers a distinct atmosphere and unique amenities, they are two suburban communities that are thriving and growing. 

Traditionally, real estate markets tend to slow down during the winter months. Chandler, however, seems to be immune to this quiet period. The Chandler real estate market is still described by most real estate experts as being a very hot market, one in which homes are selling quickly and often at a price higher than the listing price.

Currently, the average property value in Chandler is about $333,000. Property values have risen by about 5.7 percent in the last year, and real estate insiders predict that values will continue to rise by another 3 percent in the coming year. It is worth noting that there are many homes available on the market both above and below this average price point. Buyers will find that it's easy to find a home that fits their exact specifications when they are searching in a market as diverse as Chandler's market.

Gilbert, also, is experiencing a busy real estate season. Real estate in Gilbert is selling quickly, with many homes marked pending within hours of being placed on the market. Real estate experts describe this market as very hot, so it's important that buyers work with a dedicated real estate agent who knows this market intimately.

Currently, the average property value in Gilbert is about $344,000. Home values have increased by nearly 6 percent within the last year, with many industry experts anticipating that property values will rise by another 3.7 percent in the next 12 months. Like Chandler, there are many homes available in Gilbert, ranging from quaint starter homes with historic charm to sprawling luxury estates. 

How to Find the Best Homes for Sale in Chandler and Gilbert

Ultimately, when you start looking up the best Realtors near me, you are really looking for a way to find the best homes for sale in Chandler and Gilbert. Here's what you need to be looking for in a real estate agent: 

  • A real estate agent who is a pro at the latest marketing techniques and employs the latest trends. Real estate marketing is constantly changing and adapting to meet the needs of consumers, who are searching for a more personalized and intuitive approach to advertising. You will want to partner with one of the top-rated real estate agents in Chandler - Gilbert who uses the latest marketing techniques, including social media and virtual home tours, to provide her clients with the best possible experience.
  • A Realtor who is both informed and confident. A real estate agent will develop a healthy sense of confidence over time as she works in the communities located in her region. Cathy Carter, for example, has been helping both buyers and sellers in Chandler and Gilbert for the last several decades. She knows where the top schools are in each community, and can showcase the premier community amenities to interested buyers. She feels confident that she can assist any buyer with finding a home that meets their unique needs.
  • A real estate agent who has ample experience working in your chosen market. Sometimes, inexperienced real estate agents target booming markets in hopes of capitalizing on quick, easy transactions. Buyers should be aware of this, and should strive to work with an agent who has been in the communities throughout good times and during challenging seasons. Cathy Carter has seen the ebbs and flows of the real estate markets in Chandler and Gilbert, and she can provide her clients with the reliable, accurate information that they need to make the best decision possible.

Why You Should Live in Chandler and Gilbert

One thing that you have to keep in mind as you are looking for homes online and searching for real estate agents near me, is that you are investing in more than just a place to live. You are investing in a community. Choosing the right neighborhood and community to call your own is just as important as finding a home with all the features you want. 

Chandler is one of the fastest-growing communities in Arizona, and is known for its strong economy and ample job opportunities. Community leaders often boast about the fact that Chandler offers a high quality of life for all of its residents. Within the city, there are many championship golf courses and fine dining restaurants featuring international cuisines as well as dozens of parks and recreational spaces.

Gilbert was once known as a quiet agricultural town, but today it is a burgeoning suburban community with a taste for luxury and elegance. It still hasn't lost its charm, however, and its residents love to gather in its historical downtown area. Gilbert is home to an award-winning school district as well as a Riparian Preserve.

Google may tell you that there are many top-rated real estate agents in Chandler - Gilbert, and certainly, there are plenty that are going to do a good job. However, there is only one real estate agent who can provide you with the informed, customized service that you need to find the house of your dreams in this competitive market. Cathy Carter is the best real estate agent near you. She specializes in Chandler real estate and real estate in Gilbert, and she will work tirelessly until your dreams are realized. 

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