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Home buyers who are interested in real estate for sale in Chandler will often look to search Chandler MLS listings in order to see what Chandler homes for sale are available. In many cases, the search results of popular online real estate sites are misleading and inaccurate, leaving buyers with false hope as to what is currently on the Chandler real estate market. In order to get the Chandler MLS search results that you need, partner with an experienced and qualified Chandler real estate agent.

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About Real Estate in Chandler

The real estate for sale in Chandler varies from idyllic starter homes with all of the charm that first-time home buyers are looking for to sprawling luxury estates complete with land, backyard swimming pools and exclusive amenities. This means that the homes for sale in Chandler are always in high demand, because buyers of all ages, stages and backgrounds are looking to find just the right home in this ever-growing city. 

Currently, the median sales price of the homes for sale in Chandler is about $264,000. Prices have remained stable for several months in Chandler, but real estate experts predict that the market will heat up once again as the popular summer moving season begins. Generally, inventory increases throughout the summer, but there also are more buyers interested in the market during that same time. It makes for a lively and exciting time to buy a home, which means that it's particularly important that you partner with an expert Chandler real estate agent who understands the local market conditions.

Chandler homes for sale are in high demand, and buyers should gear up for a competitive selling season. It's not unheard of for homes to receive several offers within days of being on the market, and many times a home is sold before the "For Sale" sign makes it into the yard. Don't let the competition intimidate you. Instead of shying away from this seller's market, hire a Chandler real estate agent who knows how to make it happen for you regardless of the challenges that can be found in this type of market. Call Cathy Carter today.

How to Find the Best Homes for Sale in Chandler

In order to find the best homes for sale in Chandler right now, you need to work with an aggressive and motivated agent who knows how to negotiate a great deal. Your agent should be your advocate, and also must know how to work with other local agents in order to seal the deal. Here's a few tips for competing for the best real estate for sale in Chandler:

  • Start the process by getting your financing in order. Sellers are being inundated with offers, so they don't have to select buyers with insecure financing. Talk with your Chandler real estate agent about financing options that may be available to you, and make sure you have everything in line before you begin seeing homes for sale in Chandler.
  • Choose the right agent. In a competitive market, you need an agent who is excited about finding you the right home and committed to doing everything it takes to get you the keys to your dream property. 
  • Search Chandler MLS listings multiple times per day. In a competitive market, you need to know within hours about homes that have recently been placed on the market. A qualified Chandler real estate agent will monitor search results throughout the day and will schedule showings as quickly as possible in order to get you the access that you need to make competitive offers.
  • If you make an offer, give it your best shot. When multiple buyers are interested in an individual home, first impressions are critical. You should work with your agent in order to submit an appealing offer. The first offer that you send through should be your best, as this increases your chances of getting an accepted offer.

Why You Should Live in Chandler

Chandler is a diverse and welcoming community, which makes it popular with all types of home buyers. With about 250,000 residents and approximately 100,000 houses, there's something for everyone in this city. Chandler was once known as an agricultural town, but it has emerged as a technology powerhouse in the 21st century. Many companies in the high-tech industry have made their home in Chandler, bringing valuable jobs with high-paying salaries to the area. Everyone from recent college graduates to senior-level executives have set their sights on Chandler. 

In addition to the booming economy, Chandler also boasts a high quality of life. The top national retailers and restaurants have all established a presence in Chandler, which is a direct reflection of the strong real estate market in this city. Also, at the heart of Chandler is the charming downtown area. Filled with history and known for its public art works, it's not uncommon to find residents strolling downtown at any time of day in order to shop at the boutiques and dine at local restaurants. 

Of course, home buyers should not overlook the award-winning school district. Young families appreciate the fact that their children will receive a sound educational foundation in this city, but even buyers without children will benefit from the good schools in Chandler. When a community has renowned schools, the home values are typically higher because houses in the area are in high demand amongst families and young couples. People want to live in cities with good schools.

Chandler is a city that is teeming with life and bursting with potential. Interested home buyers and motivated home sellers are excited by the vitality of the current Chandler real estate market, and it is looking like the summer season will be more exciting than ever before. To find out more about real estate for sale in Chandler, contact the best Chandler real estate agent today. Now is the right time to set up your consultation appointment with Cathy Carter.

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