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In many respects, Chandler is considered one of the premier suburbs located outside of Phoenix. Steadily growing and always attracting new developments, employers and attractions, Chandler has become the place to be in Arizona. Known for its high-tech economy, its plentiful employment opportunities and its affluent residents, this city is the type of community where people choose to establish roots. Many of the more than 250,000 people who live in Chandler not only work within the city but also spend a significant amount of time participating in community events, supporting local businesses and interacting with their neighbors.

This is one of the reasons why the top real estate developers choose to create exclusive luxury communities in the heart of Chandler. The real estate in Whitewing at Krueger is considered to be one of the best options for custom homes, not only because of its premier location in the city but also because of the amazing options available within this development. The Whitewing at Krueger properties are completely different from those found in other luxury developments in Chandler and the surrounding region. This is because each home is completely custom built, allowing home owners to showcase their style and personality. In this community, people can invest in a house that is truly their dream home.

There are so many benefits to purchasing one of the Whitewing at Krueger homes for sale. In addition to enjoying the amenities of this gorgeous, gated community, residents also have access to the best of Chandler. From the quaint and intimate downtown space that is known for its public art, to the extensive parks and recreation system that offers something for every resident, Chandler is a wonderful place for young professionals, families and those embarking on the adventures of their golden years together.

There are many excellent homes for sale in Whitewing at Krueger. Home buyers who are interested in building a custom property should contact at Realtor in Whitewing at Krueger in order to learn more information about the incredible opportunities available in this development. Call Cathy Carter to find out more information about building homes in Chandler and choosing the right luxury development to meet your needs.

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Why Should You Buy a Home in Whitewing at Krueger? 

The properties in Whitewing at Krueger are renowned in Chandler and throughout the surrounding region, and for good reason. These homes are exquisite — nearly considered works of art — and they provide residents with the opportunity to make the most out of their house. Above all, the Whitewing at Krueger homes for sale are known for their quality. Not only do they boast luxurious amenities and one-of-a-kind features, but they are built using the finest builders and contractors in the region. 

In addition, the community was carefully developed by the builders in order to consider the needs and desires of each individual homeowner who invests in it. The layout of Whitewing at Krueger takes into consideration each home's location and its proximity to parks, common areas and entry points within the subdivision. It also considers the exposure of the sun at different times of day, and the traffic flow throughout the entire community. Every detail was considered during the planning stages of this development. 

Residents also appreciate that the community itself is quaint and intimate. Whitewing at Krueger features 101 lots. It is relatively small compared to other luxury developments in the region, which allows neighbors to get to know each other on a personal basis. It promotes a peaceful, quiet atmosphere, where homeowners are allowed to enjoy their dream property as well as the camaraderie of neighbors.

Most Popular Features in Whitewing at Krueger

One of the reasons that home buyers are flocking to this development is the fact that the homes for sale in Whitewing at Krueger are all custom developments. Homeowners can select the features that they want and need in their new home, ensuring that they get exactly what they want out of their investment. It enhances every aspect of luxury living, because home buyers appreciate each feature in their new home — from the smallest detail to the largest floor plans.

In addition to the grandeur of the homes in Whitewing at Krueger, buyers are attracted to the fact that this community is private and includes a gated entrance. This gives those who invest in Whitewing at Krueger properties a sense of peace and security that they may not find in other developments throughout Chandler. 

While the interior of each home is meticulously planned and designed by the homeowners and the builders, the yards are not ignored throughout the process. Whitewing at Krueger features beautifully landscaped properties that highlight the architectural designs of the individual homes while also bringing the community together. Outdoor living spaces are designed in the same manner, allowing residents to enjoy a cohesive and functional space outside of their house.

Home Values in Whitewing at Krueger

The properties in Whitewing at Krueger are some of the most valuable homes in Chandler. This exclusive community attracts those in the upper echelon of society, because it boasts privacy and customizable options that may not be found anywhere else. With only 101 lots, those who purchase homes here are able to escape to their own little sanctuary, where they can enjoy seclusion when they need it but also connect with people they know and trust.

Given the fact that each home is a custom creation that is not replicated throughout the entire community, the value of Whitewing at Krueger real estate varies based on the property that is for sale. In general, homes are valued between $1 million and $2 million. 

Buyers who are interested in real estate in Whitewing at Krueger should work with an experienced real estate agent who understands the perspective of both the developers and the home buyers. This ensures that the home buyer gets the best deal possible on the custom home of their dreams, and can maximize their investment in the luxury Chandler real estate market.

Why Choose Cathy as Your Whitewing at Krueger Realtor?

Cathy Carter is the only Realtor in Whitewing at Krueger who can ensure that you have the opportunity to create the home of your dreams in the right development for you. This exclusive and intimate community can be hard to access without a real estate agent who is experienced and respected in the industry. With more than two decades of experience in the Chandler real estate market, Cathy Carter truly understands what it takes to become a resident of Whitewing at Krueger.

Cathy began her career in new home sales, and has developed positive working relationships with the premier builders and developers in the region. She understands the process from their perspective, which allows her to negotiate quickly and effectively for her buyers. She is with you from the moment you see a model home until you inspect and close on the property. She is dedicated to her clients and loves to help them realize their home ownership dreams. To find out more information about the Whitewing at Krueger homes for sale, contact Cathy Carter today.

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