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When you search for Chandler homes for sale near me or Chandler real estate near me, you're likely going to get results for hundreds of homes that are on the market in the local area. However, a search for real estate in Chandler near me or homes in Chandler for sale near me is not necessarily going to provide you with the most accurate or recent information about the local real estate market. Instead, focus your search on the best Realtor in Chandler near me. When you find the right real estate agent, you will receive personalized search results that highlight the assigned Chandler schools, the community amenities and the features of the home. Cathy Carter is the most experienced real estate agent in Chandler, and she will get you the results that you crave.

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About Real Estate in Chandler

Chandler is considered the premier suburban community in the Southeast Valley, which means that its real estate market is perpetually strong. The people who purchase homes for sale in Chandler often settle in this community and stay for years to come, which has led to low inventory levels. Low inventory always drives up the competition and increases home prices, so it's important to find the best Realtor in Chandler near me in order to have access to the most desirable properties on the market.

Real estate industry professionals currently consider the market in Chandler to be very hot. Property values have climbed more than 6 percent in the last year, with the average home in Chandler being valued at about $340,000. Industry insiders anticipate that property values will continue to soar during the next 12 months, with home values expected to rise by another 5 percent. 

There are often upwards of 1,000 homes on the market in Chandler, but many of them will sell in a matter of moments. The market is competitive, as buyers from around the region and even across the country seek to make this community their new home. It's imperative that you hire a qualified local real estate agent, like Cathy Carter, who has been working in this community for more than two decades. Cathy Carter can run a personalized MLS search for you and uncover the properties for sale in Chandler that perfectly match your criteria.

How to Find the Best Homes for Sale in Chandler

The Chandler real estate market is always buzzing with activity. The property listings that you see when you search for homes in Chandler for sale near me will not necessarily be available tomorrow. In order to find the best homes for sale in Chandler, you need to partner with a professional real estate agent who understands the pulse of the community.

These are the skills and qualities that you should look for as you search for the best Realtor in Chandler near me:

  • Responsive — Your agent should be available to you, and ready to communicate with you at any moment. The best way to determine if an agent is responsive is to reach out via e-mail, social media or phone call, and evaluate how long it takes the agent to get back with you. A responsive agent will prioritize communication and will promptly respond.
  • Knowledgeable — Your agent needs to be familiar with the real estate industry as well as with the entire community. You will want to hire an agent who can talk to you about the Chandler schools, who can tell you about the most promising companies in the region and who can describe the local parks to you.
  • Honest — Your agent needs to be upfront and direct when discussing the current market conditions with you. Your agent should have a solid understanding of your price range, and should be realistic when providing you search results for real estate in Chandler near you.
  • Driven — Your agent needs to be self-motivated. Far too many real estate agents are simply looking for a quick way to make a commission, but the best real estate agents are driven to get you the home that you want.

Cathy Carter has all of these qualities, as well as so many more. She is known for being a personable agent who is motivated to provide her clients with the results that they need. She wants you to find your dream home in Chandler, and she is willing to do what it takes to make that happen for you.

Why You Should Live in Chandler

There's a reason why there are so many people searching for real estate in Chandler near me. Not only does this community feature incredible homes, but it also offers its residents a high quality of life. These are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you move to Chandler:

  • Your home will be assigned to one of the award-winning Chandler schools. Families with young children, in particular, appreciate this benefit, but even if you do not have children in the school district you can reap the rewards. The property values in Chandler continue to rise in part because of this renowned school district.
  • You will have access to more than 60 different parks and recreation facilities. 
  • You will be located in a community with a thriving local economy. The top employers in Chandler offer high-paying jobs, flexibility and stability.

It's always fun to take a peek at the Chandler homes for sale near me, because it gives general insight into what types of homes are on the market and what prices homes are currently being listed at. However, if you are serious about finding the best Chandler real estate near me, then you will want to find the best Realtor in Chandler near me. 

With more than 20 years of experience, Cathy Carter is the most qualified local real estate agent. She provides her clients with customized service every step of the way. Begin your search for homes in Chandler for sale near me with Cathy Carter. Contact her today to learn more about the current market conditions in Chandler.

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