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Active adults who are looking for more than just any old home will want to reach out to the real estate agents in Sun Lakes. Sun Lakes real estate agents can introduce interested individuals to the amazing array of Sun Lakes homes for sale. The homes for sale in Sun Lakes are unlike any other properties in the surrounding region, as real estate in Sun Lakes is exclusively for adults over the age of 55 who are interested in connecting with their community. For more information on the Sun Lakes real estate market, contact Cathy Carter today.

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About Real Estate in Sun Lakes

While there are many luxury developments throughout Chandler that offer residents incredible amenities, Sun Lakes is the only community that is designated specifically for active adults. This community is comprised of five distinct developments, all of which feature different housing types and amenities. Residents in any one of the communities have access to all of the common areas, giving them a resort-style playground to enjoy.

The homes for sale in Sun Lakes are nearly always in demand, regardless of the season or the current housing market conditions. Currently, the median sale price of Sun Lakes homes for sale is $254,000. Zillow values the average home in Sun Lakes to be about $300,000, which is a 7.7 percent increase from this same time last year. In the next year, Zillow real estate predictors anticipate that home values in Sun Lakes will increase by another 2.3 percent.

While the market conditions in nearby Chandler have been competitive for some time, buyers tend to have a little bit more buying power in Sun Lakes due to the niche lifestyle that the community offers its residents. Simply put, there are less buyers available for this micro-market, which can make it easier for buyers to negotiate. However, residents tend to stay in these homes for many years, so the turnover rate is lower than throughout the rest of Chandler. This can decrease inventory levels, which may make it more competitive for interested buyers.

Ultimately, buyers need to hire one of the best real estate agents in Sun Lakes in order to purchase their dream home. Cathy Carter  is the most qualified Sun Lakes real estate agent.

How to Find the Best Homes for Sale in Sun Lakes

Knowing that inventory levels can be low in the Sun Lakes real estate market, it's imperative that interested buyers hire the right real estate agent. When considering the various Sun Lakes real estate agents, be sure to look for the following qualifications:

Local experience — The best Sun Lakes real estate agents are not just working the hot market, but actually living and residing in the surrounding region. An agent who is also a local resident can offer insight that others may not have, and they can be a reliable resource for their clients.

Professional credentials — Buyers who are interested in the Sun Lakes homes for sale will want to hire a real estate agent who is a licensed professional Realtor, and who has sold a significant number of homes within this unique community. In addition, the agent should be dedicated to participating in ongoing training opportunities to continue refining their professional skills.

Welcoming personality — Buyers deserve to work with an agent who is friendly, approachable and honest. An agent becomes more than just a partner, but also a trusted friend. Buyers must find an agent who clicks with their individual personality.

Proven ability to negotiate — The most successful agents know how to maneuver through negotiations to create favorable deals that benefit their buyers but also allow them to secure the competitive home that they want within Sun Lakes.

Cathy Carter is the most experienced of all the real estate agents in Sun Lakes, and she understands what it takes to get her buyers into the most desirable homes within this community. When you hire Cathy Carter, you reap the rewards of her dedication, professionalism and finesse.

Why You Should Live in Sun Lakes

In most real estate transactions, a buyer purchases a home in a neighborhood that may offer a charming, authentic atmosphere or a few community amenities, such as a park or a pool. However, active adults over the age of 55 who purchase a home in Sun Lakes get more than just a neighborhood with friendly neighbors. They gain access to an entirely different lifestyle.

This is a place where established adults can move to after they have completed their professional careers or they have raised their children to be independent adults. Once they have reached this liberating stage of life, they have the ability to invest in real estate in Sun Lakes, where they will enjoy a luxury home as well as an endless array of community amenities.

Within each of the five different developments in Sun Lakes, there are various common areas to discover. Some of the communities feature fully-stocked fishing ponds in addition to winding trails that weave through natural preserves. Others include resort-style pools, saunas and outdoor grilling areas, as well as championship golf courses.

In addition to the amenities that residents can enjoy, there is also a system in place to allow all neighbors to get to know one another and connect with those who have similar interests. There are many community clubs in Sun Lakes, including arts and crafts clubs, billiards clubs, technology clubs and photography clubs. This is truly a community where people can fully enjoy their golden years.

The most qualified Sun Lakes real estate agents can provide potential buyers with insight into the different Sun Lakes communities and the types of properties available within each neighborhood. It's important for interested buyers to work with experienced real estate agents in Sun Lakes, as this will allow them to make the best investment decision for themselves and for their families. For more information on the current Sun Lakes real estate market conditions, contact Cathy Carter now.

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