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Posted by Cathy Carter on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 at 1:44pm.

Selling Chandler Real Estate - What Is It Worth?

The first step in selling Chandler homes is determining what the home is potentially worth on the current market. This information helps home sellers price Chandler real estate effectively so that it stands the best chance of selling quickly. However, pricing homes in Chandler are not as easy as you might think. The current market worth of a home has nothing to do with what its original purchase price is, what the owner still owes on it or even what current home sales in the area may be. Here are some factors that will be considered when you have a property valuation performed on your house.

Recent Real Estate Trends

Your ChandlerRealEstateAgent will consider the most recent trends in the "active to sold" listings in your area of Chandler. While this is not the only factor that plays a roll in pricing your home, it is one that needs to be considered. Not only does the price of recent sales need to be discussed, but also the number of recent sales and the number of properties in escrow. Also, the current value and pricing of Chandler real estate in your specific neighborhood needs to be considered. All of these factors will combine to help you determine what your home's potential value is.

Current Interest Rates

The interest rate has a direct role to play in how quickly homes sell, and what price they may get. If interest rates are on the way up, sellers often wait to try to "wait out" the market for a better rate. If interest rates are lower than they have been, you may see a scramble of interested buyers and buyers who are willing to pay a little more because they will be saving on the interest. Chandler homes sell quite well when interest rates are favorable.

The Real Estate Type

Chandler real estate appeals to a large number of buyers in different walks of life, from those who are looking to live in the area long term to those who are looking for a starter home or a retirement property and even a vacation home. The type of home you are selling, whether a single-family property, "starter home" material or low-maintenance condo, will impact its value. Your Chandler real estate agent will help you determine what the current buyers are looking for.

Get a Custom Property Valuation for Chandler Homes

With all of the factors that can impact the value of your home, it's important that you have a clear picture of what the current market will allow for a fair price for your property. If you are ready to get a clear valuation of your property, consider Cathy Carter. You can get a FREE home evaluation in three easy steps from a Chandler real estate agent who knows the current market conditions intimately. Contact her today to begin your free property evaluation.

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