With so much real estate information readily available online, it’s no wonder that many folks might ask “Why should I hire a real estate agent?" Buyers and sellers may look to save money during a real estate transaction by not employing the services of a professional real estate agent. However, by going through this complicated process solo, many buyers/sellers end up not saving as much money as they’d hoped for in the long run.


Whether you're considering buying a home in Chandler or the surrounding area or selling your existing one, it will involve negotiating a complex transaction with many steps and potential pitfalls that could impact your bottom line. When you hire a professional agent like REALTOR ® Cathy Carter, you have her extensive market knowledge and expertise to guide you throughout the real estate process.


Real estate agents have connections in the market that can benefit both buyer and seller. Agents network with other professionals, many of whom provide services that you will need to buy or sell, such as loan officers, home inspectors, attorneys, title companies, and so forth. If you have a problem or need a service, an agent can provide reputable contacts to help you immediately. An agent will know which vendors have a reputation for competency, efficiency, and competitive pricing and can provide you with a list of references as well as provide background information to help you make the best selection. Without that invaluable information at your fingertips, you are on your own. 

Knowledge of the Market

When buying or selling a home, knowledge of the real estate market is crucial. An experienced agent such as Cathy Carter REALTOR® has a keen understanding the market along with access to home listings and sales data that enables her to recommend realistic prices to both buyers and sellers.  An experienced agent will also be familiar with market trends over a long period of time. Although the final decision about how much to offer or how much to accept is ultimately that of the buyer or seller, having a qualified agent offering expert advice will help to ensure that the deal you make is the best deal possible!

A buyer's agent can help craft an offer that is both indicative of the market as well as sensitive to the client's budget. A seller's agent can help set a listing price that both attracts multiple buyers and at the same time recognizes the worth of the property. The seller's agent can also offer advice on what repairs will earn the most bang for your buck, while a buyer's agent can look for problems in a property that could end up costing beaucoup dollars down the road.

An experienced agent like REALTOR® Cathy Carter can give a buyer informed opinions about the neighborhood, amenities, local business, schools, and more, and whether or not the investment is a solid one. Sellers benefit from an experienced agent's marketing savvy for getting their property out there in front of as many qualified buyers as possible to get the highest price. Without an agent, a home may linger on the market for months and become a stale listing. With Cathy Carter as your agent, your home will be aggressively marketed and listed in hundreds of locations all around the Internet.

Nipping Problems in the Bud

A real estate transaction involves a number of steps, from making and accepting an offer to completing inspections and repairs.  Even what appears to be a straightforward sale can head south if both parties fail to honor deadlines and stay ahead of potential problems. A buyer or seller without an experienced agent by their side runs the risk of making errors that would otherwise be prevented. A qualified real estate agent like REALTOR® Cathy Carter can correct issues with the purchase agreement, make sure inspections and repairs are completed in a timely manner, and keep both parties on schedule to make the closing.

Successful Closing

There are many responsibilities to fulfill when the time draws near to closing. The closing process can be very complex, with the possibility of mistakes or errors being made by either the lender or escrow officer. A skilled real estate agent helps to prevent these potential mistakes and create a successful end to the real estate transaction. Many questions can pop up that were overlooked in the anticipation of closing and having a good agent ready to assist can make all the difference in a successful settlement.


Along with her professional team, REALTOR® Cathy Carter offers two decades of experience assisting buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. A highly-regarded Chander AZ real estate agent, Cathy knows the local market and can help educate you on the best neighborhoods, as well as help you evaluate the features, benefits, and amenities of your favorite choices. Cathy has the professional expertise and skills necessary to facilitate a smooth transaction!

“I want to meet with you and learn more about what you are looking for in your next home. Contact me today, and we can begin preparing to list your home or schedule showings in Chandler and the surrounding region.” 

Please give REALTOR® Cathy Carter a call today at 480-459-8488 or fill out the online contact form, and she will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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