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Finding the right Gilbert real estate agent is the first important step that you need to take when you begin your home search. Only an experienced and qualified local real estate agent is going to be able to uncover the homes on the market that have the most potential and that match your chosen criteria. 

Cathy Carter is the best Gilbert real estate agent, and she can assist you during your home search in a variety of ways.

Discover the Potential Within the Gilbert Real Estate Market

In Arizona, Gilbert is famous for the exponential growth that took place there during the last two decades of the 20th century. Into the 21st century, the town of Gilbert continued to grow and prosper, and as a result, many luxury home developments were built in this community. 

Today, buyers of all ages, stages and backgrounds have found that Gilbert is a desirable place to live. From charming homes near the city's historic downtown area to spacious ranches on horse properties and luxury homes in gated communities, there is something for everyone in Gilbert. 

The Gilbert real estate market is full of potential, with Gilbert homes for sale across all price points. Currently, the median sales price in Gilbert is about $585,000. In the past year, home prices have climbed by about 15 percent, and real estate experts predict that the market is starting to stabilize. That means that now is the best time to contact the best RE/MAX Realtor in Gilbert, AZ and begin your home search.

Allow a Professional Realtor to Introduce You to the Homes in Gilbert for Sale

The homes in Gilbert for sale vary significantly from neighborhood to neighborhood, making this a community that is full of potential for any type of home buyer. In order to fully understand this dynamic housing market, you need to work with an experienced Gilbert real estate agent who can tell you more about each neighborhood in the area.

Cathy Carter has been working in the Gilbert community for many years, and she is familiar with all of the best developments as well as the top builders in the area. She works closely with her clients in order to understand what they are looking for out of their next home, and then she matches them with the neighborhoods and homes in Gilbert for sale that will allow them to live an active lifestyle and immerse themselves in community life. 

Partner with the Best RE/MAX Realtor in Gilbert, AZ to Learn More About This Dynamic Community

Gilbert is a community with a unique atmosphere and a storied past, so it's important to work with a real estate agent in Gilbert who has watched it come into its own. Cathy Carter will provide you with insight into the local community as you begin to search for the Gilbert homes for sale that match your criteria, and she will help you find your place within it. As a local agent, Cathy Carter truly loves the Gilbert community, and she loves to showcase it to her clients.


Cathy Carter is an award-winning real estate agent who has more than two decades of experience in the industry. She is known as the best RE/MAX Realtor in Gilbert, AZ not only among her clients but also among her colleagues. Those who work with her in the real estate industry respect her for her candor, her insight and her professional approach. Those who have partnered with her in the past and are proud to be previous clients have felt that they have directly benefited from her knowledge and advice. 

Benefit from Decades of Professional Experience

Cathy Carter began her career in real estate as a new home sales specialist, which allowed her to develop professional working relationships with the best builders in the Southeast Valley. She launched her career more than two years ago, and over the course of that time, she has watched each community in the area grow, thrive and prosper.

In Gilbert, she has witnessed historic growth, and she has worked with both buyers and sellers in this community over the course of those changes. As a result, she has the local insight that you need as well as the professional experience required to navigate any of the real estate market conditions in Gilbert.

Enjoy a Welcoming and Personalized Approach to Real Estate

The person who helps you find your next home should feel like a trusted friend, which is why Cathy Carter begins each consultation with a personal conversation. She wants you to know that she is a partner with you on your journey, which is why she is always going the extra mile to communicate regularly with her clients and understand what they are looking for out of their next home. She is not going to prioritize the criteria that she feels is most important in a home — she is going to focus solely on your needs and wants for your home search.

Experience the Difference of Working with an Award-Winning Realtor

Cathy Carter is an award-winning real estate agent who has earned a reputation of being the best RE/MAX Realtor in Gilbert, AZ. Not only has she been recognized by industry professionals for her ability to drive results and earn sales in any market conditions, but she also has been noticed by the community at large for her personalized approach to real estate. When you work with an award-winning Gilbert real estate agent, you will see the difference in the listings that are generated for you, in the informative showing appointments you have and in the favorable negotiations that take place as you work toward a signed purchase agreement.

Meet Your First New Neighbor in Gilbert

Beyond being an experienced Gilbert real estate agent, Cathy Carter is an active and involved member of the community. Many of her clients consider her to be their first friend and neighbor in their new hometown, and they often reconnect with her in the months and years following their closing. Cathy Carter will be there for you every step of the way.

Why Choose a Licensed Gilbert Real Estate Agent

Gilbert is a great place to live -- it's no wonder it's one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. -- and Gilbert homes for sale exemplify its upscale, relaxed lifestyle. Gilbert properties run the gamut, from sprawling villas on the edge of the golf course, to customized waterfront homes, to cozy, single-family residences tucked into welcoming neighborhoods.

No matter what type of real estate you're seeking, you're sure to find it in Gilbert. The Gilbert real estate market is healthy, just like the local economy; known as a hotspot for innovation, Gilbert is a center for the tech, healthcare and financial industries. Add this thriving unemployment base to a highly educated, affluent population, and you've got a desirable place to call home.

While there are many real estate agents in Gilbert, not all have the right credentials to give you that sort of success. One of the most important features to look for in an agent is licensure. I am Cathy Carter, an experienced, licensed and local real estate agent serving clients in Gilbert and the surrounding areas. For the best possible outcome for your real estate transaction, you want to work with a licensed real estate agent. Here are five reasons why you need to choose a licensed real estate agent as you search for real estate in Gilbert.

1. A Licensed Realtor Will Help You Understand the Financial Aspects of Buying Homes in Gilbert

Buying a home is a major financial commitment. Most home buyers in Gilbert will use financing to give them the buying power to make a home purchase. Finding the right lender will be a critical part of buying a home successfully. Your real estate agent can be a valuable resource in your search for a lender. By working with licensed Gilbert real estate agents, you will have the financial guidance you need.

From ensuring you know your buying power to helping you identify lending and financing options, a licensed real estate agent is knowledgeable about the financial aspects of buying a home in Gilbert. By partnering with a skilled agent, you can be put in contact with the financial institutions that will help make your home purchase a possibility while assisting you in maximizing your real estate investment.

2. A Licensed Gilbert Realtor Helps You Find the Right Property

The market for homes in Gilbert is massive. There are hundreds of properties you have to search through to find the right one for you. A licensed real estate agent has exclusive access to information you need to find the right home. Since some properties are not listed publicly, or some are listed long before they hit the public listings, working with a licensed realtor ensures you are aware of all potential properties that fit your needs.

3. A Licensed Gilbert Realtor Understands the Importance of Inspections

Before you purchase real estate in Gilbert, you need to know that the investment you are making is a wise one. This requires inspections and evaluations of the property. Working with licensed real estate agents in Gilbert ensures you don't overlook any of these important inspections or evaluations. When your real estate agent can provide you with the right inspection information before you start the purchase process, you can enter the process with confidence knowing your home will be properly inspected before you sign on the dotted line for the sale.

4. A Licensed Gilbert Real Estate Agent is a Skilled Negotiator

Buying a home requires a significant amount of negotiation skill. From negotiating the purchase price to determining who will pay the closing costs, you need to know that your agent is going to handle the negotiations well. Partnering with a skilled and licensed agent, like Cathy Carter, will ensure your agent has the negotiation prowess and experience to ensure that your best interests are protected. Having a knowledgeable, experienced professional on your side will give you the upper hand in the negotiations process, and that's what you get with a licensed agent.

5. A Licensed Real Estate Agent Knows Where to Look

When shopping for homes in Gilbert, you have certain criteria you want. Whether you're looking for a quiet neighborhood, want certain amenities in your community, or are concerned about quality schools, you need to know that your agent can direct you to homes that fit your needs and desires. Licensed Gilbert real estate agents can skillfully guide you to Gilbert homes that have exactly what you're looking for with the amenities and features you need for a comfortable lifestyle, all while maintaining professional and ethical standards for real estate.

Choose Cathy Carter When Buying Gilbert Homes

As you can see, the advantages that come with hiring trained, licensed Gilbert real estate agents are extensive. As you enter the market for real estate in Gilbert, make sure you have the right professional on your side so your home buying process will be as simple and straightforward as possible. As you search real estate agents in Gilbert, put licensure at the top of your list.

I am Cathy Carter, a licensed and local Gilbert real estate agent. If you're starting the process of looking for homes in Gilbert, I am the agent you want on your side. With over two decades of experiencing buying and selling properties in Gilbert and the surrounding communities, I have an intimate knowledge of the local markets that I can put to work for you in your home search.  Give me a call today to discuss your home buying goals, and let me help you search for Gilbert homes that will fit your needs well.

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